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Journaling for today, tomorrow, & beyond

Journaling is proven to provide many benefits. It may be for emotional or mental well-being, to be better organized, or even to improve in areas like your career or hobby. There are many journal options available and to be honest, all it requires is somewhere to record your thoughts.

Why Focused Journals?

Focused Journals is created around the idea that you can quickly achieve your goals, accelerate your life journey, or streamline many aspects of life by using journals that are purpose-built for how you want to use them. We are the creators of the Iterative Journaling method along with a number of purpose-built Iteration Journals. In addition, we design other types of journals focused on specific purposes to help you journal more efficiently. Why do this? So we can help improve your journaling by providing prompts or a specific format that makes journaling easier and more productive.

What is a Focused Journal?

This is a broad category however we define it as a journal that is specifically designed around a singular purpose. This is why we call them "Purpose Built" journals. Before creating a journal, topics are researched to understand what specific prompts or information are most helpful to make the journaling process not only more efficient but also more meaningful. There are many types of journals that fall into this category and our hope is you find one that works best for you, whether it's from us or someone else out there. We do enjoy hearing from you to get specific feedback on how our journals could be designed to meet specific needs better as well. If you are not familiar with this type of journal, you may be familiar with some of these examples. Gratitude Journal, Anxiety Journal, Iteration Journal, Workout Journal, amongst many others.

Many people have more than one journal they use on a regular basis. They may have a Gratitude Journal and Workout Journal, as each is specific to a particular topic and would be used for different purposes. There are many designs and options when it comes to journaling and that provides a wonderful opportunity to explore what works best for you. Not only are the designs and appearance different but also the format and journaling prompts. Find what works best for you. We love to hear from you as well so we can continuously improve the journals we create so they are more impactful on your life. If you'd like to share your thoughts or ideas with us, please use our "Contact Us" page.